Seasons and Weather

Located within the Tropic of Capricorn, the Kimberley is a land of extremes throughout the year, experiencing two distinct seasons, the temperate dry season with its flawless blue skies and cool nights and the dramatic wet when everything in the country comes alive. 

Home Valley Station opens each year throughout the dry season.

Dry Season (April through October)

The start of the dry season is usually still characterised by a lush green landscape leftover from the previous wet season, with some of the rivers and waterholes still flowing. By May/June the water will have begun to drop, as will the temperatures, which will range between 16-32 degrees. Clear blue skies are inevitable and the weather is very stable with rain a rare event. Peak season is between June and August, with stunning weather during the day, perfect for exploring and slightly cooler nights.

Wet Season (November through March)

During the wet season, expect the unexpected.The weather is often hot and humid with tempestuous storms filled with thunder and magnificent lightening shows. Rain can fall between 350mm in the south to over 1400mm in the Mitchel Plateau area of the north, often resulting in significant road closures and limited access. Temperatures also soar, reaching heights of often over 40 degrees.