Careers at Home Valley Station

Home Valley Station owners, managers and staff have a passion to ensure we provide our guests with lasting holiday memories that will be treasured for years after they leave our property. Our operational ethos extends itself to the staff we employ.

The greater East Kimberley and Home Valley Station's own 3.5 million acres offer a work culture and lifestyle which encourages working hard, learning and enjoying a leisure-based pastime within Australia's most ancient and awe-inspiring ecotourism and cultural environments.

Each season, Home Valley Station offers a competitive range of remuneration packages, exceptional staff accommodation, staff benefits and discounts within our own food, beverage and retail outlets.

Since acquiring the Home Valley Station pastoral lease in 1999, the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation has endeavoured to involve local Indigenous people in all aspects of the Station's operations, including tourism and pastoral enterprises.

Today, Home Valley Station is a hub of activity that caters not only for travellers of the Gibb River Road, but for Indigenous students and trainees from many communities across the Kimberley.

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